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Michie Takahashi

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Linko Sato

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Since 1996, we have been providing lighting and interior products with the main theme of ‘homelife with style’. The reason we have been able to do so for so many years and are still going strong is all down to our customers and dealers who love and appreciate our products and service. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to you all.

The beginning of business

Michie Takahashi founded the company with her friends allmost 20 years ago. Surrounded by imported furniture and goods in her home garage, days passed quickly, so busy despatching goods, coping with a small number of staff. Nevertheless our spirits were happy and high.

Our Passion

Initially I began as a part-time assistant. Fortunately we encountered wonderful people both in Japan and abroad, which led to expanding our business to importation, commercial dealings, distribution, and spot delivery with our characteristic enthusiasm, reliability and passion. We have always loved and been passionate about what we do. Our love and passion remain strong because of our customers and we are truly grateful.

A New Chapter, A New Challenge

In the spring 2015, we changed the company name to NDC Tokyo limited with a challenge of creating ‘Visions of New Home Lifestyles’. I was installed as chief executive director. We are planning to develop a new range featuring exquisite Japanese craftsmanship as a Royal Doulton lighting’s Japanese representative.

Having won a contract with Waterford Wedgewood UK, we are launching our first ROYAL DOUTON LIGTHNG NEW COLLECTION in September 2015. Our staff are working hard to bring you best lighting and interiors products as well as offering ideas for producing relaxing spaces of high qualities.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Management Principles

≪ Vision ≫

Creating New Home Lifestyles

≪ Management principles ≫

Progress Heart-centered business and expansion
Relaxation and comfort Offer relaxing spaces

≪ Management Policies ≫
Joy, Dilligence, Love and Enjoyment

Customer satisfaction
Board of directors’ tireless commitment
Provide one-stop service where customers can find products they love
Positive thinking


Company Profile

Name: NDC TOKYO Limited
Address: Headquarters and Showroom:4-7-1, Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0042, Japan

Logistics:3-14-8, Senzoku, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0031, Japan

representatives: CEO Michike Takahashi

President linko Sato

Telephone Numbers: Headquarters and Showroom:+81-3-5826-7525


FAX Numbers: Headquarters and Showroom:+81-3-5826-2721


URL: http://www.ndctokyo.com
Founded: 1996
Main Business: Importation and domestic wholesaling and retailing of lighting products
Associates: cascade
Banks: Mizuho Bank